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Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge Founder, Arvin Khamseh is an Oxford-trained geek and graduate of the National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents (think Harvard except it starts at age of 10).

He is a contributor to publications: Thrive Global, American Student Dental Association (ASDA), Medium and Better Humans. Arvin’s expert advice has been featured on top named Inc Magazine podcast: Conscious Millionaire and spoken on stages on one of the largest health and fitness retreat and festivals in east coast: Festival for Change. He is currently preparing for his TEDx talk in September in Idaho. Arvin’s work is inspired by his own experiences.

He observed his mother struggle to lose weight for years and his father relying on 6 cups of coffee a day just to function. Arvin has also experienced his own personal struggle to make any noticeable improvements in weight lifting. After extensive research experience at a lab, self-experimentation and personal mentoring, he was able to add 215 lbs to his deadlift, help his mother easily lose over 30 lbs, and has reversed two dental cavities.

Arvin demonstrates the same unflappable courage in his personal life! As an improvisational comedian he understands the fear of stepping into the unknown, and the rush that accompanies success, on both personal and professional levels. Across the board, his message is the same: “step up, and do it anyways”.

Upcoming Events
  • June 2-3: Treat The Source
  • December 1-7: Performance Mastery Bootcamp (Vancouver)
  • April 5-6 TEDxGreenvile 2018: 3 Extraordinary Secrets You Never Knew
"Everyone walked away enthusiastic..."
"I highly recommend him as a person of integrity. "
" His ambitions are very high and he is very focused on taking the courageous actions needed to be successful on his many worthy quests. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as a person of integrity. "
- Giacomo Mascillaro
IT Management / IT Infrastructure Architect at Fortune 500 organizations
" Thanks for being great co-panelist, great perspectives, and insights for the membership! "
- Ray Sidney Smith
Digital Business Strategist, Google Small Business Advisor, Small
Business evangelist
"Provided a lot of useful information..."
Would you like to Arvin to speak at your event?
" Arvin, was part of our journey... "

April 2017 stands as a testament to what you can do with a vision, a dream and the tenacity to move forward with definiteness of purpose fueled by passion and grounded by a willingness to pay it forward. Our Powermastery Empowerment Retreat included ten world class leaders transforming lives, and dozens of stakeholders who shared in our dream who helped bring to life a first time large scale outdoor and indoor natural health & wellness event.

Arvin Khamseh, came out from California, and was part of our esteemed leadership. Those hazy days of our guests not knowing and looking for answers began to reveal as he and other leaders shared their insights, inspirations and wealth of knowledge. Arvin, was part of our journey. We are extremely careful when we introduce new blood to those who look to us for unfiltered and straight forward answers, hope and leadership. Arvin has gained stellar feedback and has stayed true to our mission. If you have a chance to connect with Arvin, you need to, because he has something to share with you that is as valuable as the journey you take with you from a lifeline of experiences.
- Carson Tang
President - Carson Worldwide
Elizabeth Taylor
"He works with focus and dedication. I can’t recommend him highly enough. "
" He will do what it takes to accomplish any task with high levels of specificity while simultaneously being able to balance the big picture and overall goals. He works with focus and dedication. I can’t recommend him highly enough. "
- Elizabeth Taylor
Life and Leadership Coach at Perfectly Taylored Coaching
" He is full of knowledge and resources."
" He is full of knowledge and resources. Arvin spent one year reading a book a day, and it’s evident in his ability to provide resources and information. Personally, he is a great person who shares openly and loves to help others. I highly recommend Arvin. "
- Michael C. Redmond
PhD, ISO CyberCertifications, PMP, MBA
" A lot of people took a lot of great insight from him..."
"He is a knowledge powerhouse. "
" Arvin was a leader providing guidance, support, and training for my clients and members. Arvin also played an instrumental role with a Mastermind I launched and a great asset to the team. Arvin is a leader. His eagerness, tenacity, knowledge and commitment to help others is admirable. He is dedicated and committed to helping his clients and joint venture partners succeed. If you don’t know him well, he reads a book a day, that is impressive. He is a knowledge powerhouse. "
- Ana Conlin
" When I think of a brilliant young individual who consistently demonstrates an eagerness to go the extra mile, I immediately think of Arvin. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed, and I look forward to watching as he charts a very impressive career path! Bravo, Arvin! "
- Tom Martin
President, Tom Martin Media, LLC – Public Relations
"An Amazing Experience!"
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